Spring Wave

May 2014

Spring Wave

OUT NOW from The Masters of Cinema Series:

  1. An amazing edition of Ted Kotcheff’s delirious Outback drama Wake in Fright is released in a Dual Format (Blu-ray + DVD) edition that originates in a new restoration. It’s the rediscovery of a landmark of Australian (and world ’70s) film, from a director who went on to gain renown in the nooks and crannies of the popular American cinema – not only for cult-classics such as Weekend at Bernie’s, but also for the Nick Nolte-starring masterpiece North Dallas Forty.

  2. Francesco Rosi’s extraordinary Le mani sulla città, starring Rod Steiger, arrives in a Dual Format (Blu-ray + DVD) edition. A precise indictment of corruption in Neapolitan government and society, Rosi’s film is one of the greatest Italian pictures of the ’60s, delivered in an immaculately lit mise-en-scène courtesy of Gianni di Venanzo.

  3. Samuel Fuller’s White Dog at last on Blu-ray as part of a Dual Format edition (which also includes a DVD). Unjustly buried in its native country at the time of its release – fake outrage, dullard misunderstanding, typical American symptoms – Fuller’s pulpy creation can be seen today perhaps at last for what it is: an explosive indictment of racism, with no sweet ending and no politically correct Stanley Kramer-sanctioned theatrics.

  4. A Dual Format (Blu-ray + DVD) edition of Billy Wilder’s incredible Ace in the Hole, one of the director’s finest films, and one which took nearly fifty years to be rediscovered for the milestone that it is. Kirk Douglas stars as a reporter out to galvanize his story and his career no matter the terms. Hinged somewhere in the middle of noir, domestic melodrama, and journalism-epic, Ace in the Hole remains one of the aces in Billy Wilder’s critical, hilarious, unsparing oeuvre.

  5. A Blu-ray edition of Lindsay Anderson’s masterwork If…., which also includes three of his early shorts. Malcolm McDowell marks his territory as the charming enfant terrible of England, and it’s this role which led him to his lacerating turn in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. Students go to war against the English public school system. There’s the logline and the crucible.

Five films that critique their respective contemporary times, or five films which stab out at their affinity with 2014? Happy May.

New releases :

  1. Nashville June 2014
  2. If…. June 2014
  3. Boomerang! May 2014
  4. Ace in the Hole April 2014
  5. Wake in Fright March 2014

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