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Coming Soon – A couple of Japanese Sci-fi Thrillers from director Ishirō Honda

Ishirō Honda’s The H-Man [Bijo to Ekitai-ningen] and Battle in Outer Space [Uchū Daisensō] will be released as part of The Masters of Cinema Series later this year, as a special edition two-disc Blu-ray release.Artwork TBC. More details to follow…

The Horror!! The Horror!! It’s all about the Horror as Eureka reveal their July 2020 lineup

Eureka have announced their July 2020 line up today which will feature a trio of classic 1930s horror films starring the iconic Bela Lugosi; and a new 2K restoration of an influential, genre bending horror-comedy. The horror films Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Black Cat, and The Raven—are distinguished by a trio of factors regarding their production. […]

A trio of Masters of Cinema releases make up Eureka’s June 2020 line up

  Eureka have announced their June 2020 line up today which will feature a new 4K restoration of a true film noir masterpiece; another trademark satirical and cynical comedy from Billy Wilder; plus a re-issue of The Last Waltz. Illicit passion, greed, robbery, and murder collide in Criss Cross, a classic film noir suspense tale from […]

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