Amazon Easter Sale

Welcome to our Easter Sale! We’ve got over 30 Eureka Classics, Masters of Cinema and TV titles reduced on our Amazon store, with prices starting at £6.99.

Sale ends 23 April 2019. Happy shopping!


Eureka Classics

Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964) Dual Format £7.99

Born Free (1966) Dual Format £7.99

The Entity (Blu-ray) £7.99

Journey To The Center Of The Earth [1959] Blu-ray £8.99


Masters of Cinema

Park Row (Masters of Cinema) (DVD)  £6.99

Lubitsch In Berlin: Six films by Ernst Lubitsch, 1918-1921 [Masters Of Cinema] (DVD) £9.99

Harakiri [Masters of Cinema] Dual Format £8.99

Sunrise [Masters of Cinema] Dual Format £7.99

For All Mankind (Masters of Cinema) Dual Format £7.99

La Planete Sauvage [Masters of Cinema] Dual Format £7.99

Onibaba (Masters of Cinema) Dual Format £7.99

Too Late Blues (Masters of Cinema) Dual Format £7.99

Nashville (Masters of Cinema) Dual Format £7.99

Diary of a Lost Girl [Masters of Cinema] Dual Format £7.99

Dragon Inn (1967) [Masters of Cinema] Dual Format £7.99

Day Of The Outlaw (1959) [Masters of Cinema] Dual Format £7.99

A Touch of Zen (1970) [Masters of Cinema] 2 Disc Dual Format Edition £9.99

A Letter to Three Wives (1949) [Masters of Cinema] Dual Format £7.99

Kuroneko (1968) [Masters of Cinema] Dual Format £7.99

Shane [Masters of Cinema] (Single-Disc Standard Edition Blu-ray) £7.99

The Flight of the Phoenix (1965) (Masters of Cinema) Blu-ray £8.99

Paths of Glory  (1957) (Masters of Cinema) Blu-ray £8.99

A Man For All Seasons (Masters Of Cinema) Dual Format £9.99

Two Rode Together (1961) [Masters of Cinema] Dual Format £8.99

Creepy (2016) (Masters of Cinema) Dual Format £7.99

BAKUMATSU TAIYÔ-DEN (Masters of Cinema) Dual Format £7.99

The Barefoot Contessa [Masters of Cinema] Dual Format £9.99


TV Series

The Dark Side of the Sun (BBC TV) (DVD) £9.99

Maid Marian and her Merry Men – The Complete BBC TV Series 1-4 Limited Edition (DVD) £20

Wolf Creek (The Complete First Series) Blu-ray £7.99














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