This month’s giveaway features an ice-cold, calculating espionage thriller starring Richard Burton; Jimmy Wang Yu’s spectacular, action-packed grindhouse flick; and an exhilarating opera of Hong Kong action cinema.

The acclaimed, best-selling novel by John le Carré, about a Cold War spy on one final dangerous mission in East Germany, is transmuted by director Martin Ritt into a film every bit as precise and ruthless as the book. Richard Burton is superb as Alec Leamas, whose relationship with the beautiful librarian Nan, played by Claire Bloom, puts his assignment in jeopardy. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold is a hard-edged and tragic thriller, suffused with the political and social consciousness that defined Ritt’s career. 

Featuring a multitude of unique and inventive fight scenes against opponents from around the world including Japanese and Okinawan karate experts, Tibetan monks, Thai kick-boxers, and Indian Yoga experts, One Armed Boxer is one of the most influential and exciting martial arts films of the 70s. Eureka Classics is proud to present the worldwide debut of a brand-new restoration from the original film elements on Blu-ray.

A noir infused Hong Kong action thriller from Tsui Hark (Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain; Once Upon a Time in China) starring Nicholas Tse and Wu Bai (who would later appear together in New Police Story), Time and Tide is notable for its spectacular stunts and elaborate shoot-outs among double-crossing crooks. The film was nominated for six Hong Kong film awards and remains one of Hark’s most acclaimed features.

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May 2021 Giveaway

This month’s giveaway features a collection of essential films from one of the most recognisable figures in Horror; two early films from arguably the greatest Western director of all time; and a re-issue of Three Edgar Allan Poe Adaptations Starring Bela Lugosi.

One of the most recognisable faces in horror, Boris Karloff has been described as “to the horror movie what Fred Astaire was to the musical”. Presented in Karloff at Columbia are the six films (The Black RoomThe Man They Could Not HangThe Man With Nine LivesBefore I HangThe Devil Commands, and The Boogie Man Will Get You) he made for Columbia Pictures, a collaboration which produced some of Karloff’s finest acting roles.

The Masters of Cinema Series is also proud to present this month two early features from John Ford in their UK debuts on home video, fully restored in 4K.  A landmark in the history of the Western, Straight Shooting, will be featured alongside Hell Bent, both films star Harry Carey.

The horror films Murders in the Rue MorgueThe Black Cat, and The Raven—are distinguished by a trio of factors regarding their production. Most notably, each film is based on a work by master of the macabre Edgar Allan Poe. Part of the legendary wave of horror films made by Universal Pictures in the 30s, all three feature dynamic performances from Dracula‘s Bela Lugosi, with two of them also enlivened by the appearance of Frankenstein‘s Boris Karloff. And finally, all three benefit from being rare examples of Pre-Code studio horror, their sometimes-startling depictions of sadism and shock a result of being crafted during that brief period in Hollywood before the enforcement of the Motion Picture Production Code’s rigid guidelines for moral content. Significant and still unsettling early works of American studio horror filmmaking, these three chillers demonstrate the enduring power of Poe’s work, and the equally continuous appeal of classic Universal horror’s two most iconic stars.

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April 2021 Giveaway

This month’s giveaway features a 1970s killer creature double feature; a ground-breaking gothic folktale; a high-octane action thriller; and three action comedy classics from Hong Kong’s brightest stars.

Bursting with startling imagery and stunning practical effects courtesy of directors Konstantin YershovGeorgi Kropachyov, and perhaps most notably, artistic director Aleksandr Ptushko(the legendary special effects artist whose spectacular stop-motion effects and innovative colour cinematography has seen him referred to as the Soviet equivalent of Willis O’Brien, Ray Harryhausen, and even Mario Bava), VIY has influenced generations of directors for more than half a century.

Up next, a 1970s Killer Creature Double Feature: Is a wave of mysterious deaths on a Native American reservation being caused by killer vampire bats, or a curse from beyond the grave? Featuring special effects work by Carlo Rambaldi (Alien, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial), Nightwing was one of many creature features produced to cash in on the success of Jaws, but director Arthur Hiller (Love Story) also imbues the film with a humanitarian edge. An ageing medicine man recruits his sceptical grandson to aid him in a spiritual battle against evil spirits and black magic. Filmed in the forests of British Columbia to stunning effect, Shadow of the Hawk features a number of eerie and effective sequences of supernatural terror.

Inspired by Gareth Evans’ 2011 martial-arts hit THE RAID, the hotly anticipated MMA thriller Russian Raid is a rapid-fire action tour de force, featuring ground-breaking techniques in the world of martial-arts filming and editing. Nikita, a former Russian Spetsnaz operative, is hired to neutralise the large private security force at a local factory by his shady employer. But Nikita and his group of highly trained fighters get more than they bargained for when it turns out the factory is actually owned by a dangerous warlord connected to the Russian military. By the time the ‘hostile takeover’ is complete, Nikita reveals that he has orchestrated his own secret mission to take personal revenge on the most dangerous man in Russia.

Three action packed comedy classics: The Lucky Stars 3-Film CollectionWinners and SinnersMy Lucky Stars; and Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars; come to Blu-ray for the first in the UK from brand new restorations! The original trilogy of Lucky Stars films were massively successful both in Hong Kong and internationally. Featuring star-studded ensemble casts including Sammo Hung (also directing), Jackie ChanYuen Biao, and appearances from Richard Ng, Andy Lau, Rosamund Kwan, Moon Lee, Dick Wei, James Tien and many more!

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March 2021 Giveaway

This month’s giveaway features a a sinister bio-hacking thriller; the final film from one of German cinema’s great filmmakers; a slick, suspenseful techno-horror, and a post-apocalyptic gore-filled sci-fi horror classic of the early 90s.

Drawing comparisons to the New French Extreme films of the early 2000s, Breeder is a brutal modernist survival horror directed by Pusher screenwriter Jens Dahl. A renowned health supplement company, run by a ruthless businesswoman (Signe Egholm Olsen), is selecting and abducting young women as part of an experiment bio-hacking babies’ DNA to enable her clients to reverse the ageing process.  When Mia (Sara Hjort Ditlevsen, Borgman) goes to investigate, she finds herself trapped, branded and tortured in a grim underground facility. Familiar faces start to appear, and she realises that she is not alone in this. Can she somehow find inner strength and escape from the nightmare?

Adapted from Thomas F. Fallon’s 1922 Broadway play of the same name, The Last Warning is based on the story The House of Fear by Wadsworth Camp and centres on an unsolved murder that occurs during a live Broadway performance. When the victim’s body goes missing, the death remains unsolved and the theatre is condemned. That is, until years later when a suspicious new “producer” arrives to restage the play with the original cast and crew. Part of Universal’s ongoing silent restoration initiative, The Last Warning honours the studio’s rich film history that has spanned more than a century. Universal’s team of restoration experts conducted a worldwide search for The Last Warning’s available elements, ultimately working with materials from the Cinémathèque française and the Packard Humanities Institute Collection in the UCLA Film & Television Archive.

In every second of every day, it improves our lives. And in a flash, it can end them. In today’s world of modern conveniences, everything we rely on is run by electricity. But what happens if the power we take for granted turns against us? Starring Cliff De Young (Shock Treatment, Flight of the Navigator), Joey Lawrence and Roxanne Hart, Pulse was a VHS favourite, and returns to home video on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK as part of the Eureka Classics range.

In the future, life will be a dream. And reality a nightmare. The first film produced as part of the Fangoria Films label, Mindwarp is a gore-filled sci-fi horror classic of the early ‘90s, and Eureka Classics is proud to present the film on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK.

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February 2021 Giveaway

This month’s giveaway features a must-own for every classic mystery and horror fan, re-issues of The African Queen and Buster Keaton: 3 Films (Vol. 2) alongside the bloodiest carnival of murder in the history of American crime!

Death, dementia, dark arts… it’s just another day in the forbidding and fascinating world of the Inner Sanctum! Get ready for unlimited thrills and chills as all six classic Inner Sanctum Mysteries come to Blu-ray in the UK for the first time ever! Based on the popular radio shows of the 1940s, horror icon Lon Chaney, Jr. (The Wolf Man), gives timeless performances in six spooky feature-length films.

Three movie giants come together in the cinematic classic The African Queen, combining the masterful direction of John Huston with the fabulous chemistry of Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn in their only onscreen pairing. Adapted from a novel by C.S. Forester, this wartime romantic adventure sees the pair forced to travel together down a hazardous East African river after the outbreak of World War I. The African Queen is one of the most beloved films in the history of cinema, and may well be the perfect adventure film.

Between 1920 and 1929, Buster Keaton created a peerless run of feature films that established him as “arguably the greatest actor-director in the history of the movies”. Now, collected together are three further films from that era; The Navigator, Seven Chances and Battling Butler.

A criminally underrated and explosively violent gangster saga from director Richard FleischerThe Don Is Dead features one of the all-time great casts of tough guy actors: legendary multiple Oscar-winner Anthony QuinnRobert Forster (Jackie Brown), and Frederic Forrest (Apocalypse Now) are joined by Al Lettieri (The Getaway), Joe Santos (The Friends of Eddie Coyle), Abe Vigoda (The Godfather), Vic Tayback (Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore), Victor Argo (Taxi Driver), and Sid Haig (House of 1000 Corpses). Riddled with as many double crosses as bullet hits, The Don Is Dead is like a gritty 70s pulp paperback come to bloody life.

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January 2021 Giveaway

First competition of the year! And we’ve got a set of our December 2020 releases up for grabs: a white-knuckle Cold War thriller starring Richard Widmark; a sharp detective thriller set in post-World War II Tokyo; and a re-issue of the Once Upon A Time in China Trilogy.

An early scoper which mixes deviously plotted schoolboy fiction with submarine spectacle and cold war heroics, Hell and High Water has had a huge influence on blockbuster cinema over the years. (Steven Spielberg was so enamoured with the film that he kept a print in his car for many years). Presented on Blu-ray from a stunning 4K restoration, as a part of The Masters of Cinema Series.

When offered the opportunity to film an entire movie in Japan, Samuel Fuller jumped at the opportunity and the result is House of Bamboo, a lushly photographed, cold-as-ice film noir like no other. Starring Robert RyanRobert StackCameron Mitchell and the beautiful Shirley YamaguchiHouse of Bamboo is a stunning, brutal masterpiece, featuring incredible widescreen photography by Joe MacDonald, and hard-boiled dialogue and action that is the Fuller trademark.

Starring Jet Li as the real life Cantonese folk hero, Wong Fei-hung, a physical embodiment of traditional Chinese values and moral incorruptibility, the Once Upon a Time in China series is a martial arts epic that charts China’s transition into the modern-world as it gradually abandons its old traditions and begins to accept the inevitable encroach of Western cultures. With action sequences choreographed by the legendary Yuen Woo-ping, the Once Upon a Time in China series is a glorious high-point in martial-arts filmmaking, and Eureka Classics is proud to re-issue Tsui Hark’s original trilogy, as well as Once Upon a Time in China and America (which saw Jet Li return to the Wong Fei-hung role after a four-year gap). All three films are presented on Blu-ray, sourced from 4K restorations.

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December 2020 Releases

 We’ve got a bumper giveaway this month featuring monster and sci-fi classics, kung-fu fantasy extravaganza, a landmark in German expressionism PLUS the movie adaptation of Jerzy Kosinski’s controversial novel. 

Ronny Yu (The Phantom Lover; Warriors Of Virtue; The Bride of Chucky) directs this highly operatic fable based on a well-known martial arts novel with Leslie Cheung (A Better Tomorrow; Farewell, My Concubine) and Brigitte Lin (Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain; Police Story) as doomed lovers caught in the crossfire of warring clans. With beautiful cinematography by Peter Pau (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and over-the-top action sequences, The Bride with White Hair is one of the best swordplay fantasy films ever made.

Waxworks [Das Wachsfigurenkabinett] w​as the final film Paul Leni directed in Germany before striking out for Hollywood and making such classic works of genre filmmaking as ​The Cat and the Canary,​ ​The Man Who Laughs​, and ​The Last Warning. Its sophisticated melding of genres was in fact what inspired Universal’s Carl Laemmle to invite Leni to come to Hollywood in the first place, as Laemmle was hoping to capitalise on the emerging comedy-horror craze of the 1920s. Yet ​Waxworks ​is, at heart, a pure example of German expressionism.

Featuring a staggering central performance from the young Petr Kotlár alongside a star-studded international ensemble including Udo Kier, Stellan Skarsgård, Harvey Keitel, Julian Sands and Barry PepperThe Painted Bird has won ecstatic acclaim, with The Guardian’s Xan Brooks describing the film as “a monumental piece of work” rewarding the film with a five-star review. Shot in crisp black and white 35mm – Václav Marhoul’s The Painted Bird does far more than simply depict the horror of war. It is an unflinching examination of the very worst of humanity.

One of the most iconic Japanese kaiju, Mothra has appeared in over a dozen feature films. Presented here is her debut, a gloriously vibrant piece of filmmaking that forever changed how kaiju eiga would be produced in Japan. Psychedelically colourful, with an intelligent, benevolent protector as its lead kaiju, Mothra was radically different to every other monster movie that had come before it, and it remains a classic of the genre to this day.

Travel back to the days before CGI, when special effects were real and the results were spectacular! A sci-fi double, featuring Director Ishiro Honda’s extravagant space adventure flicks, The H-Man / Battle in Outer Space  will be released on Blu-ray for the first time on home video in the UK. Honda and special effects wizard Eiji Tsuburaya bring these wildly colourful kaiju eiga to life, both films are classic cult Japanese sci-fi gems which simply can’t be missed.

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November 2020 Releases

This month’s giveaway features an outrageously enjoyable ‘80s horror from Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund; Stephen King’s supernatural thriller about the small-town exploits of shape-shifting, incestuous, psychic vampires; and the next instalment of one of the greatest children’s TV show of all-time.

Director Robert Englund (the iconic Freddy Kruger from the Nightmare on Elm Street series) dials up a gothic tale of high-tech horror in 976-EVIL. Co-written by Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential, Mystic River) and featuring incredibly practical effects work from Robert Kurtzman and Howard Berger, Eureka Classics is proud to present 976-EVIL on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK.

Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers, starring Brian Krause, Mädchen Amick (Twin Peaks), and Alice Krige (Chariots of Fire) is a classic horror story that takes a perfect Normal Rockwell town… and turns it inside out. Making its debut on Blu-ray in the UK featuring a Limited-Edition O-Card Slipcase and Collector’s Booklet.

Last but not least, due to the outstanding success of the previous Grange Hill Series 5 & 6 DVD release in 2018, and Grange Hill Series 7 & 8 DVD release in 2019, Eureka is proud to announce the release Grange Hill Series 9 & Series 10 Boxed Set. Available to own for the very first time from 19 October 2020, the boxed set features all 48 episodes from series 9 & 10, originally broadcast in 1986 and 1987. Series 9 features the Zammo McGuire controversial drug addiction storyline which inspired the famous anti-drugs ‘Just Say No’ campaign. Also included for the very first time – The 1985 Christmas Special Episode (First broadcast 27th December 1985- pre-series 9).

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October 2020 Releases

This month’s giveaway features a 4K restoration of Fruit Chan’s cult-movie of eternal and tragic beauty; a 4K restoration of a highly influential film-noir; plus a re-issue of Masaki Kobayashi’s Kwaidan.

Released to critical acclaim in 1997, the year of the Hong Kong handover, Fruit Chan’s Made in Hong Kong was praised as an anarchic masterpiece, a powerful distillation of urban alienation and youthful despair. Produced on a shoestring budget, with non-professional actors and using discarded film reels for stock, the film was rescued from obscurity and fully restored in 4K in time for its 20th anniversary in 2017, thanks to the Far East Film Festival, in collaboration with Andy Lau’s Hong Kong production company, Focus Film.

One of the most revered film noir hits of the 1940s, This Gun for Hire was also the debut teaming of Veronica Lake, in one of her sultriest and most iconic roles, and Alan Ladd. Following the success of the film, the duo would go on to team up in several more features, although This Gun for Hire remains their most fondly remembered pairing. Ladd – as a frightening yet oddly sympathetic hit man – was only fourth-billed in this defining early noir, yet it became the breakout role that turned him into a star. As The New York Times said of Ladd upon the film’s 1942 release, “He is really an actor to watch. After this stinging performance, he has something to live up to – or live down.”

Last, but not least, there will be an opportunity for those who missed out on the lightning-fast selling Limited Edition of Masaki Kobayashi’s Kwaidan to get their hands on its hauntingly hi-res 2k restoration.

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September 2020 Releases

This month’s giveaway features one of the most iconic and influential silent films of all time; another collection of films from arguably the greatest actor-director in the history of the movies; and a riveting World War II spy thriller from one of Hollywood’s most lauded talents.

One of the most visually striking of all the later silent films, The Man Who Laughs reunites German Expressionism director Paul Leni and cinematographer Gilbert Warrenton from their horror hit the previous year, The Cat and the Canary (1927). Both films are often considered to be among the earliest works of legendary horror classics from Universal Studios, yet the undeniably eerie The Man Who Laughs is more accurately described as a Gothic melodrama. However, its influence on the genre and the intensity of the imagery—art director Charles Hall and makeup genius Jack Pierce would go on to define the look of those 1930s Universal horror landmarks—have redefined it as an early horror classic, bolstered by one of the most memorable performances of the period.

Between 1920 and 1929, Buster Keaton created a peerless run of feature films that established him as “arguably the greatest actor-director in the history of the movies”. Buster Keaton: 3 Films (Volume 3) features three further films from that era; Our Hospitality, Go West and College. The Masters of Cinema Series is proud to present all three films from brand new restorations in their UK debuts on Blu-ray.

Only the second Hollywood film directed by Billy Wilder, the riveting World War II spy thriller Five Graves to Cairo is an underrated early gem from the filmmaker, who would ascend to the industry’s highest ranks with his next project, Double IndemnityFive Graves demonstrates that Wilder and screenwriter Charles Brackett—who would collaborate on thirteen films, winning screenplay Oscars for The Lost Weekend and Sunset Boulevard—were already working at the peak of their powers, delivering an espionage yarn that never lets up on the suspense. Named by Quentin Tarantino as one of his favourite films, Five Graves to Cairo is filled with duplicity and danger at every turn.

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August 2020 Releases

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