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A shattering masterpiece, a gloriously trashy slice of gritty kung-fu action, and a duo of ultra-violent yakuza thrillers are new to Eureka! as the February 2024 line-up is revealed

Eureka! has announced its February 2024 line-up. Featured amongst this line-up are a duo of action-packed yakuza thrillers featuring Sonny Chiba; Stanley Kubrick’s tale of macabre futility and horror in the trenches; a dynamic and fast-moving fight fest, starring Chuck Norris; plus re-issues of three films from the uncompromising visionary and a true maverick of […]

The Martial Arts disciplines of Kung Fu, Taekwondo & Samurai Swordsmanship are covered across the three releases that make up Eureka’s January 2024 line-up

Eureka! has announced its January 2024 line-up. Featured amongst this line-up are two anarchic, spaghetti western-inspired samurai adventures from legendary genre auteur Hideo Gosha; an Angela Mao kung-fu classic from the heyday of the genre; and an unadulterated, over-the-top martial arts action starring Jet Li. A duo of chanbara masterpieces from one of the genre’s greatest directors, […]

Loyalty, sacrifice, persistence, and honour meet bloodshed, betrayal and vengeance as Eureka’s December line-up is revealed

Eureka! has announced its December 2023 line-up. Featured amongst this line-up is a retelling of the classic story of the 47 ronin from the director of Battle Royale, one of the most unique thrillers from the Golden Age of Hong Kong cinema; plus a re-issue of the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray of The Police Story Trilogy. […]

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