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Simon killer and The Tarnished Angels

Released 29th August Simon Killer and The Tarnished Angels, the latest additions to the Masters of Cinema series. A stunning contemporary film from one of the most exciting indie directors of the decade, and a classic from a cinematic master.

A deeply disturbing character study of a handsome and sociopathic American in Paris, writer-director Antonio Campos’s Simon Killer hones further the psychological perceptiveness and keen filmmaking craft exhibited in Campo’s acclaimed feature debut Afterschool.

One of legendary director Douglas Sirk’s most cherished passion projects, this spectacular adaptation of William Faulkner’s Pylon has risen in stature to become one of his most acclaimed films. Reuniting with his core creative team from oil tycoon saga Written on the Wind, Sirk this time examined the marginal lives and lost souls living one rung from the bottom with surpassing delicacy and artistry.

Posted 20 August, 1:20 AM

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