Bodyguard Kiba 1 and 2 (Blu-ray)

Director: Ryuichi Takamori

1973 Japan





  • Country: Japan
  • Language: Japanese
  • Year: 1973
  • Runtime: 176
  • Aspect Ratio: 1:2:1
  • Colour: Colour
  • Certificate: 15
  • Subtitles: 175
  • Genre: Action
  • SKU: EKA70523
  • 2 Discs
  • Release Date: Mar 18, 2024
Region: B


A double bill of Japanese martial arts mayhem starring action superstar Sonny Chiba!

Based upon the manga by celebrated writer Ikki Kajiwara, Bodyguard Kiba follows the eponymous karate master and professional bodyguard (Chiba) as he is hired to protect the mysterious Reiko (Mari Atsumi), a woman embroiled in the world of organised crime. Kiba’s involvement with Reiko brings him into conflict with the yakuza, leading to a final bloody showdown. Then, in Bodyguard Kiba 2, Kiba is released from prison after taking revenge on the rival martial artists who blinded his sister Maki (Etsuko Shihomi). Back on the streets, he takes a job working for shady nightclub owner Akamatsu (Shoki Fukae), once again forcing him to take on Japan’s criminal underworld.

Two riotously entertaining tales of betrayal and bloodshed from director Ryuichi Takamori, Bodyguard Kiba and Bodyguard Kiba 2 were released just a year before Sonny Chiba would find international success with his breakout hit The Street Fighter. Eureka Classics is proud to present both films for the first time ever in the UK from new restorations.


  • Limited edition O-Card slipcase featuring new artwork by Chris Malbon
  • 1080p presentations of both films across two Blu-ray discs, from new restorations of the original film elements by Toei
  • Original Japanese mono audio
  • Optional English Subtitles
  • Brand new feature length audio commentaries on both films by action cinema experts Mike Leeder & Arne Venema
  • The Bodyguard – alternate US version of Bodyguard Kiba
  • Talking Chiba – Brand new interview with action choreographer and director Kenji Tanigaki
  • Kiba or Chiba – Brand new interview with Tom Mes & Jasper Sharp
  • Original theatrical trailers
  • A limited edition collector’s booklet featuring new writing by Jasper Sharp

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