Eureka’s full line up for November and December 2018 has now been completed

Eureka’s full release schedule for November & December 2018 has been confirmed in the past week. The line-up features five releases in November (including another set of martial arts classics, an addition to the Masters of Cinema range and the home video release of Lucky), followed by two Eureka Classics in December.

Perhaps the greatest rock documentary ever made, Martin Scorsese’s The Last Waltz captures what was advertised as legendary rock group The Band’s final farewell concert appearance. Joined on stage by more than a dozen special guests, including Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Muddy Waters and Joni MitchellThe Last Waltz started as a concert, but it became a celebration. The documentary will be released on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK as a part of The Masters of Cinemas Series from 12 November 2018, presented with a Limited Edition Hardbound Caseand a 100-page perfect bound collector’s book, limited to 3000 copies only.

Tsui Hark’s phenomenal Once Upon a Time in China trilogy finally arrives on Blu-ray in the UK from brand new 4K restorations! With action sequences choreographed by the legendary Yuen Woo-ping, and starring Jet Li, the Once Upon a Time in China series is a glorious high-point in martial-arts filmmaking, and Eureka Classics is proud to present Tsui Hark’s original trilogy, as well as Once Upon a Time in China and America for the first time on Blu-ray in the UK in a special Limited Edition 4-Disc Box Set loaded with extra content.

Released in the US just days after Stanton’s death at age 91, Lucky, is at once a love letter to the life and career of Harry Dean Stanton as well as a meditation on mortality, loneliness, spirituality, and human connection. Eureka Entertainment is proud to present Lucky in Blu-ray and DVD editions, including the acclaimed 2012 documentary, Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction. Following its theatrical release in the UK and & Ireland, Lucky will be released on home video and On Demand 12 November 2018. Check out the trailer here

In Hitler’s Hollywood, Rüdiger Suchsland takes a closer look at approximately 1000 feature films made in Germany between 1933-1945, examining how stereotypes of the “enemy” and values of love and hate managed to be planted, into the heads of the German people, through the cinema screens. Hitler’s Hollywood, will be released in a Dual Format edition (which also includes the 2014 documentary From Caligari to Hitler) on 5 November 2018.Check out the trailer here

The kind of lavish, rousing historical adventure spectacle that doesn’t seem to exist anymore, Khartoum is a majestic, star-studded, BAFTA and Oscar-nominated epic that finds director Basil Deardon (Victim) delivering a feast for the eyes, as well as a pointed study of English colonialism, religious fanaticism, and the nature of heroism and sacrifice. With impressive battle sequences given greater weight by philosophical and moral debates about the righteousness of military action, Khartoum is a widescreen extravaganza and was the final film to be shot using Ultra Panavision 70 (and screened theatrically in Cinerama) until Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight in 2015. Khartoum is set to be released as part of the Eureka Classics range in a Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) edition on 3 December 2018.

A World War II epic both sweeping and intimate, Yanks is a triumph for director John Schlesinger and a moving showcase for its splendid ensemble cast led by Richard Gere and Vanessa Redgrave. A personal passion project for Schlesinger – who was given free creative reign after the success of Marathon Man (1976)– Yanks was generally not afforded the attention it deserved upon initial release, and as one of the director’s warmest films, it’s a gem ripe for rediscovery. Yanks is set to be released in a Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) edition as part of the Eureka Classics range from 3 December 2018.

Last but not least as part of the November line up, a TV show that was ranked at #2 by Radio Times Magazine in their list of the 50 Greatest Children’s TV Shows of all time. With the release of the Grange Hill Series 5 & Series 6 6-Disc DVD Box Set on 19 November 2018, there will be a chance to relive your childhood watching this classic BBC Children’s series devised by Phil Redmond, introducing us for the very first time to such famous characters such as Zammo, Roland, Fay, Annette, Julie, Jonah and not forgetting “Gripper” Stebson. The new collection features all 36 episodes from series 5 and 6, originally broadcast in 1982 and 1983.

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