Eureka acquire rights to SONS OF DENMARK, a political thriller set in Denmark in 2025


Eureka Entertainment are pleased to announce that they have acquired rights in the UK & Ireland to the Danish film, Sons of Denmark, a powerful, unnerving and provocative film that looks at the impact of radicalised society, set in an alternate (though all-too-believable) Denmark.  Sons of Denmark is set to premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival on Monday 24 June 2019.

One year after a major bomb attack in Copenhagen radicalisation around the country has intensified and ethnic tensions are running high. The next parliamentary election is near, and the extremely nationalist political leader Martin Nordahl is set for a landslide victory. 19-year old Zakaria gets involved in a radical organisation, where he forms a bond with Ali. The two men cannot agree with the current state of the country, which is turning on its own citizens because of their migration background, and decide to act. However, they are both just tools in the hands of people with power. As the men try to make their mark, their brotherhood will be tested and their actions will have grave consequences on their lives.

With hints of Martin Scorsese and Jacques Audiard, director Ulaa Salim taps into a political climate that will feel all too familiar for audiences across Europe. An ambitious film that marks Salim out as a talent to keep an eye on. Ulaa Salim won best director for Sons of Denmark at the Seattle Film Festival.  Trailer

Sons of Denmark stars Zaki YoussefMohammed Ismail MohammedRasmus Bjerg; and was directed by Ulaa Salim.

There are expected to be further festival screenings of Sons of Denmark later in the year, ahead of a theatrical release and home video release as part of Eureka’s Montage Pictures range of exciting new world cinema titles, in early 2020.

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