Eureka Entertainment expand to North America

Eureka Entertainment is pleased to announce the launching of its award-winning Blu-ray label into North America later this year.

Eureka Entertainment have signed a distribution deal with the US production and distribution company MVD Entertainment.

The deal has been handled in the UK by Kevin Lambert, formerly Head of Content at Arrow, who returned to Eureka! in July 2023 as its Head of Content.

Kevin started his career in the industry at Eureka! in 2002 and worked his way up to Production Manager before leaving the company in 2016 to take up the role of Head of Catalogue Production and Acquisitions at Arrow.

“It’s extremely exciting to be partnering with MVD for our North American physical and digital distribution. We can’t wait to get our first releases out to US retailers, and we look forward to bringing the best of auteur and classic cinema, including our celebrated Masters of Cinema series, to a wider audience. It is a big new step forward for the company, and I’m sure Blu-ray collectors will be thrilled to have another of the world’s best labels available in North America” he said.

MVD Entertainment Group’s Director of Home Video Sales and Acquisitions Eric D. Wilkinson commented, “MVD Entertainment Group is thrilled to be partnering with Eureka Entertainment and help bring this premium collector’s label to North America. I very much look forward to working with the Eureka! team and am even more excited to be adding Eureka! titles to my personal collection!”

Eureka Entertainment is one of the leading independent distributors of Blu-rays in the UK. Its UK cataloguecontains an extensive collection of classic and cult films, initially released in limited-edition sets. Its collection spans many genres including, amongst others, silent movies, world cinema, action, martial arts, horror, indie dramas, and Hollywood classics.

Managing Director of Eureka Entertainment, Ruth Schofield added, “With Kevin’s return to the company it seemed like a logical move to capitalise on his knowledge of multi-territory distribution and finally fulfil thedesires of our fans. We’re asked daily when we will be able to distribute in North America, and I’m very happy that the day has come to be able to make those fans’ wishes come true.”

The first Eureka releases distributed by MVD Entertainment in North America will be one of the most important and influential films in the early history of American genre cinema, Paul Leni’s The Cat and the Canary, and the action-packed superhero spectacle starring Jet Li, Black Mask. Both titles will be released in both territories and will be available for purchase later in the year.

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