THE PAINTED BIRD is coming to Blu-ray in November, as Eureka also reveal its December 2020 lineup

Eureka have announced an addition to its November line-up today, along their full December 2020 schedule. Featured amongst this line-up is the movie adaptation of Jerzy Kosinski’s controversial novel; a must-own for every classic mystery and horror fan; a white-knuckle Cold War thriller starring Richard Widmark; a sharp detective thriller set in post-World War II Tokyo; and a re-issue of the Once Upon A Time in China Trilogy.

Featuring a staggering central performance from the young Petr Kotlár alongside a star-studded international ensemble including Udo Kier, Stellan Skarsgård, Harvey Keitel, Julian Sands and Barry PepperThe Painted Bird has won ecstatic acclaim, with The Guardian’s Xan Brooks describing the film as “a monumental piece of work” rewarding the film with a five-star review. Shot in crisp black and white 35mm – Václav Marhoul’s The Painted Bird does far more than simply depict the horror of war. It is an unflinching examination of the very worst of humanity. The Blu-ray will include the feature-length documentary Eleven Colours Of The Bird, a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible 11-year process it took director Václav Marhoul to create the film. The first print run of 1000 copies will include a Limited-edition O-card Slipcase and Collector’s Booklet. Released as part of the Montage Pictures range on 16 November 2020.

Death, dementia, dark arts… it’s just another day in the forbidding and fascinating world of the Inner Sanctum! Get ready for unlimited thrills and chills as all six classic Inner Sanctum Mysteries come to Blu-ray in the UK for the first time ever! Based on the popular radio shows of the 1940s, horror icon Lon Chaney, Jr. (The Wolf Man), gives timeless performances in six spooky feature-length films. Released on Blu-ray as a part of the Eureka Classics range from 7 December 2020.

An early scoper which mixes deviously plotted schoolboy fiction with submarine spectacle and cold war heroics, Hell and High Water has had a huge influence on blockbuster cinema over the years. (Steven Spielberg was so enamoured with the film that he kept a print in his car for many years). Presented on Blu-ray from a stunning 4K restoration, as a part of The Masters of Cinema Series. The release will be available from 7 December 2020, and will be limited to 1000 copies only.

When offered the opportunity to film an entire movie in Japan, Samuel Fuller jumped at the opportunity and the result is House of Bamboo, a lushly photographed, cold-as-ice film noir like no other. Starring Robert Ryan, Robert Stack, Cameron Mitchell and the beautiful Shirley YamaguchiHouse of Bamboo is a stunning, brutal masterpiece, featuring incredible widescreen photography by Joe MacDonald, and hard-boiled dialogue and action that is the Fuller trademark. Released on Blu-ray as a part of The Masters of Cinema Series from 7 December 2020. The release will be limited to 1000 copies only

Starring Jet Li as the real life Cantonese folk hero, Wong Fei-hung, a physical embodiment of traditional Chinese values and moral incorruptibility, the Once Upon a Time in China series is a martial arts epic that charts China’s transition into the modern-world as it gradually abandons its old traditions and begins to accept the inevitable encroach of Western cultures. With action sequences choreographed by the legendary Yuen Woo-ping, the Once Upon a Time in China series is a glorious high-point in martial-arts filmmaking, and Eureka Classics is proud to re-issue Tsui Hark’s original trilogy, as well as Once Upon a Time in China and America (which saw Jet Li return to the Wong Fei-hung role after a four-year gap). All three films will be presented on Blu-ray, sourced from 4K restorations, and re-issued on 7 December 2020.

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